The Odds area single-panel humor strip available for syndication, or interested publications. Featuring Tad and Elmira Odd... senior citizens dealing with contemporary culture, married life, doctors, the workplace, and odd human behavior.
Action/Adventure DangerWorld consists of 24 pages, black and white interior, with full color cover. Copies available for online orders, or call your local retailer. " Once a tranquil, Eden-like haven, it now stews in a violent sea of conflicting and uncontrollable cosmic forces... DangerWorld. The heroes of this plague-world will fight to save it "
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Inside-front cover; which captures the astro-ark carrying space-pioneers to their new home far from earth.
Inside-back cover, which shows the cataclysmic moment the  cosmic cloud contacts the imperiled planet.
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ON SALE NOW!!!    Send $1.50 plus 50 cents postage to:  Behold Comics 21752 11 Mile Rd. St. Clair Shores, MI 48081 Checks payable to William Harvey I WILL FOREVER MARVEL AT JACK KIRBY’S  GENIUS. THANKFULLY, MUCH OF IT WAS  CAPTURED ON PAPER... ENTER THE ROOM FOR THOUGHT A HUMBLE HOME FOR STUDENTS

I first beheld comics 'round age six, when I bought a Spider-Man book at a yard sale. Over four decades

later, I still have it. Steve Ditko did the artwork, and I remain a forever fan. There was another guy, Jack

Kirby, whose genius as an artist/storyteller sealed the deal, and made me want to be part of it. In striving to

meet Silver Age standards, the challenge for today's producers of comic books readily appears

insurmountable. Perhaps the best thing is simply try to give back some of what we've received.

Bill Harvey