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About the Writer / Artist... I grew up reading Marvel comic books. Jack Kirby was my favorite artist, he had a very dynamic style. His work influenced my devotion to and drive for a career in comics. I created a series titled DangerWorld in the late 1980's. The panel to the right is further homage to Kirby's influence. I tried for years to go the way of Superhero - type comic books, but it never paid off. fortunately, I have an offbeat sense of humor, and decided to aim for success in THAT realm, a single panel comic strip. I     use     several     themes     ... married   life,   the   workplace, clowns,   clones,   and   the   ever popular Robotics Lab. Now, my goal is syndication, which would make it possible to work at the artboard full time; and produce a comic strip which is funny, at times thought- provoking, and most of all appealing to all age groups.
Bill Harvey